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What’s New? Changes to the Challenge Website

If you are returning to the Step Count Challenge you will notice that we’ve made a few changes to the website since last time so we thought we’d give a quick walk through of the changes we’ve made. If you’re new to the challenge then hopefully this will give you a bit of an introduction […]

Step Count Challenge Posters

We’ve created some posters to help you promote the challenge in your workplace. They come in four flavours and you can download the PDFs by clicking on the images below.      

Sign Up for the 2015 Challenge Now

Registration for our spring challenge is now open. The challenge starts on Monday 16 March and it lasts for 8 weeks. You can register for the Step Count Challenge at the If you already have a user account with us, please login here Follow us on Twitter at and tweet using #stepcountchallenge You can […]



Challenge Partners

We have a number of partners supporting the Step Count Challenge. See how our partners can help.