Laura BHF

I first heard about the Step Count Challenge through a meeting at work and straight away I wanted to find out more. I am a pretty competitive person and like a challenge so this particular event got my attention. We set up a couple of teams within my building at work, filled out the registration forms and soon after, myself and friend headed along to the team captains meeting.

While it was mentioned people have raised money for charities in the past by doing this Step Count Challenge, and it didn’t take me too long after that to decide I was going to do the same! I decided I would have to set myself a target amount of steps to get over the eight weeks, a figure that wasn’t going to be easy but certainly do-able, 1.1 Million was the figure I came up with. The chosen charity British Heart Foundation due to my Dad having a heart attack last year.  I thought it was appropriate for me to raise money for them to show my appreciation to the hard work they do and to help fund research. 

The support from friends and family spurring me on with the challenge each week has been fantastic and also self motivation knowing and seeing my health benefit from doing more physical activity every day is key in keeping myself going. I am looking forward to seeing what my final step total will be and importantly what the final money total raised for BHF is going to be. Who knows I may make it a yearly challenge for charity and hopefully more people can maybe do the same!

Laura has raised over £1,000 for BHF. If you would like to donate you can do so by visiting Laura’s JustGiving page.