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Go on a walking adventure with friends and family

Spending time with friends and family is something that many of us would like to do more of. The Step Count Challenge gives you the perfect opportunity to socialise with work colleagues during lunchtime walks, but how about meeting up with friends and family to stretch your legs in your spare time too? Going on […]

Get stepping with Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk is a grant-making breast cancer charity, founded 21 years ago by Nina Barough CBE, who is now the UK’s leading Power Walking expert. The charity specialises in Walking Challenges, ranging from family 10k distances to 100k and everything in between. People of all ages and abilities take part in these challenges, wearing […]

Improve your focus and concentration

Busy day? Never-ending “To do” list? via GIPHY Staying focused at work can be difficult, especially when we’re busy juggling lots of different tasks. Escaping from your computer screen for a lunchtime walk can help boost focus and concentration. Last Autumn, Claire told us how going for a walk at lunchtime helped her feel refreshed […]

Walk yourself healthy with the Step Count Challenge

“It’s a great way of committing to do something, and keeping a promise to improve your health.” Many people know that being physically active is good for your health, however many people also know that it’s common for life to get in the way. Work, family, friends and other commitments often leave us with little […]

Meet the Walkers: Yvonne

Last Autumn’s Step Count Challenge champion, Yvonne, has written a few words about why she decided to take part and what she enjoyed about the challenge. “Hi, my name is Yvonne.” “November’s challenge was the 2nd our team completed. It’s a great motivation to get outside, at a time when it is very tempting to […]



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