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Plumbing Pensions’ Friendly Step Count Challenge

Plumbing Pensions recently completed a Step Count Challenge, and managed to walk 15,699,781 steps in just 6 weeks. That’s 70 West Highland Ways! Well done guys! To celebrate their amazing success, an Awards ceremony for all the challenge participants was organised. An extra well done to Lesley, who won a Step Count Champion Award. Congratulations […]

Meet the Walkers: Nicola

Nicola, part of team STEPford Wives from Lloyd’s Bank, found out about the Step Count Challenge through a friend after she organised a walk at her workplace. After asking her colleagues to take part, she soon found herself with a “very enthusiastic group”, who found that taking part in daily walking activities brought them closer […]

Step Count Challenge Spring 2017 – Your Thoughts

The latest Step Count Challenge finished in June, and at the end of the challenge we invited participants to tell us about their experiences. The challenge involved 4,663 participants in 963 teams, completing a total of 2,147,483,648 steps – that’s 960,843 miles, which is the equivalent of walking from Land’s End to John o’Groats 865 […]



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