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Walk more with the Ramblers

If you’ve been bitten by the walking bug and are looking to take your workplace further than a lunchtime stroll then Ramblers Scotland may be able to help. Ben from Ramblers Scotland has written a guest blog below about how they can help workplaces set up their very own Ramblers walking groups. Ramblers Scotland would […]

Linda’s Long Legged Lovelies

Here’s a picture from Linda Delaney of team Linda’s Long Legged Lovelies. Linda sent us this picture of teammate Peter with his trophy for most improved walker in the team. And yes, it is made of chocolate! Peter has improved his step count by an average of 5,000 steps which is fantastic. Linda said, “Peter […]

Week 8 League Table

Here is the Week 8 League Table. The Top Ten looks something like this… A Pace of Cake (Glasgow City CHP – NE Sector HQ) 5,274,745 Twisted Blister (Shetland Islands Council) 4,805,098 Sole Mates  (Moorbrook Textiles) 4,656,949 Glencoe Walkers (NTS) 4,539,489 Hot Stepperz (Dingbro ltd) 4,463,697 Northern Lights (NHS Shetland) 4,335,234 Take a hike! (Nalco Champion) 4,273,720 One Step Ahead (DWP Hassra Fort William) 4,246,815] Blista Sistas (Greenock Benefit Centre) 4,146,319 Rapid Thigh […]

Nominate Your Step Count Champion and Team Captain

We have two special prize categories in this year’s challenge, Step Count Champion and Team Captain. The Step Count Champion is someone who has really thrown themselves into the challenge and made big changes to their activity levels. Maybe they’ve started to leave the car and walk to work, instigated a walking meeting or have […]

Week 7 League Table

Here is the Week 7 League Table. And here are the top 10 teams: A Pace of Cake (Glasgow City CHP – NE Sector HQ) 4,474,080 Twisted Blister (Shetland Islands Council) 4,114,274 Sole Mates  (Moorbrook Textiles) 3,971,185 Glencoe Walkers (NTS) 3,927,094 Hot Stepperz (Dingbro Ltd) 3,816,235 One Step Ahead (DWP Hassra Fort William) 3,782,992 Northern Lights (NHS Shetland) 3,758,320 Take a hike! (Nalco Champion) 3,683,165 West Coast Ladies (NHS Highland) 3,499,766 […]



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