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We have a few partner organisations supporting this year’s Step Count Challenge. Alongside providing information and resources to participating workplaces, staff from Breakthrough Breast Cancer are also taking part in the challenge. Julia from Breakthrough sent in an update on how her team the Pink Panthers is getting on.

It might be because the mornings are that little bit brighter and everyone has a little spring in their step, but I can safely say the Step Count Challenge has definitely created a bit of healthy competition amongst the Pink Panthers! Already, Vicki in our team has discovered she does about 5,000 steps just walking to work. Think how many more she can do if she just makes a couple small changes to her route, or has a busy day rushing around Edinburgh for meetings.

As one of our key prevention messages at Breakthrough Breast Cancer is about physical activity, it was a no brainer for us to sign up and get involved. We know that by doing 30 minutes of physical activity each day, you can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by at least 20%. What’s more, it doesn’t need to be playing team sports or thumping out the miles on a treadmill, by taking part in the Step Count Challenge we are making those small but significant lifestyle changes to help reduce our risk. The exercise you are doing makes you feel a little bit warmer and gets your heart beat going a bit faster. Take a look at our new online tool, BRISK, and get some fun ideas of how to incorporate physical activity into your everyday lives:

Since starting the Step Count Challenge we asked our team to stop and actually take a look around them when they are walking to work, and here’s what we saw…


It’s not often you see a Zebra walking to work…

Vicki walking to work

Vicki is on message with her pink trainers!

Pippa Commonwealth pool

Dropping the kids off before work means a little detour to the Commonwealth Pool