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Week 4 Leaderboard

We’re almost at the finish line of our Autumn Step Count Challenge. Here’s how the Week Four Leaderboard currently looks. We’ll post the final leaderboard towards the end of next week. 1. Look GuyWalkers Vs Rapid Thigh Movement (WDCVS) 2,397,289 2. Super Fast Welders (Technip – OED) 2,311,827 3. Twisted Blister (Shetland Islands Council) 2,259,588 4. […]

Souper Walks Winners

There have been some wonderful entries for the Souper Walks Challenge. Thanks for the inspiring photos, recipes and general food for thought. Our winner is Isabel Bentley from the Dewey Decimals who tweeted the following. Spicy Bloody Mary Soup – perfect for warming up with after a lunchtime walk #stepcountchallenge — Isabel Bentley (@RedSoxGirl_46) November […]

Week 3 Leaderboard

Here’s your Week Three Leaderboard. The top 10 looks like this: 1. Twisted Blister (Shetland Islands Council) 1,660,062 2. Look GuyWalkers Vs Rapid Thigh Movement (WDCVS) 1,614,945 3. Super Fast Welders (Technip – OED) 1,595,740 4. Pursuit (Scottish Government) 1,301,123 5. Blisters R Us  (NHS Grampian)  1,206,969 6. Bennie and The Jets (Scottish Government) 1,170,274 7. Guy and Dolls (University of the West of Scotland) 1,134,781 8. Team […]

Souper Walk Challenge

It’s week 3 and we have a foody theme for this week’s challenge. There’s nothing better than having a nice hot bowl of soup after a bracing autumnal walk. Your challenge is to go for a lunchtime walk and bring in some homemade soup to enjoy with your colleagues. You could have it back in […]

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