If you are returning to the Step Count Challenge you will notice that we’ve made a few changes to the website since last time so we thought we’d give a quick walk through of the changes we’ve made. If you’re new to the challenge then hopefully this will give you a bit of an introduction to the website and what you can expect.

Much of the changes have focussed on the Your Activity page. The first thing you’ll see underneath the menu tabs is a summary of all your activity. If you have taken part before then this will include data from previous Step Count Challenges giving you a running total.


Firstly, you can choose to see data from previous challenges, just click on the challenge you want to view. The default view will either be the current active challenge or the last challenge you took part in.

Under the Total Steps heading you’ll see the total steps from all the challenges you have taken part in. This includes total number of steps, highest daily step count and average step count. The next column shows the equivalent total distance and average daily distance in miles.


Next is all the data relating to the current challenge you are taking part in. As you can see in the screengrab above, this includes the name and dates of the current challenge, your step totals and mileage for the current challenge. To see your team totals you will need to click on the Team page where you will find the step counts for your teammates, your team total and the abbreviated

leaderboard. Remember, we will publish a full leaderboard each week on the challenge blog.WeeklyGraph

Below your summary data you’ll see a weekly graph of your activity. By default this will show the current week, but you can scroll through previous weeks using the arrows next to the date. When you hit your step goal the bar turns from grey to green. This should give you an overview of your activity and help you see trends in your activity levels at a glance.


Underneath the graph is a weekly calendar view of your activity. You can check out your step goal for the week, see your daily activity, badges and rewards. You can add activity for a given day by clicking the green plus sign on the right-hand side of the table. If you meet your goal for that day, the steps turn green and you get a thumbs-up, if you’ve been really active and had a Best Day then you get a star – go you!


Finally, if you want to really scrutinise your activity data we have added a download function. To do this, click on the Export All Activity Data link at the bottom of the page to download a spreadsheet listing all of your walking, running, cycling and swimming data.