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Week Three Leaderboard

Hi folks, we hope you are having a great week 3 of the challenge and are managing to hold on to your hat, it’s breezy out there. Here’s your week three Leaderboard. There’s a download link at the bottom right of the spreadsheet, look for the arrow symbol:

Walking Anthems Top 40

Thanks for your Walking Anthem suggestions. We have compiled a Spotify playlist of our top 40 favourite songs. We had a truly eclectic mix to choose from. There were some golden oldies (Elvis, Elton, Queen), some classics (Dexy’s Midnight Runners, The Proclaimers, Katrina and the Waves) and some new favourites (Ten Walls, The Decemberists and […]

Get Snapping in our Week 3 Photo Competition

This week’s challenge is a photo competition. Go for a walk, take a snap and send it to us. The walk and subject matter is up to you. It could be a lunchtime walk, a stroll with the family or your commute into work. You could take a photo of a nice view, the local […]

Week Two Leaderboard

Here is the first leaderboard of the Step Count Challenge. Please don’t take this too seriously, it’s just a bit of fun. Personal goal setting and what happens in your team and workplace comes first and this is just a little distraction. You can download the spreadsheet by clicking the arrow icon at the bottom […]

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