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2015 Step Count Champion

The 2015 challenge is over but we have a few things to take care of before we wrap things up. We posted the final leaderboard on the blog last week and we’ve put together another blog post with a few suggestions on other activities to keep you and your colleagues fit and healthy. The final thing […]

Next Steps

Now that the Step Count Challenge is over you may be looking for other opportunities to keep your workplace active. Here are some suggestions of activities, resources and organisations that could help your workplace stay healthy and active. Paths for All Paths for All offers a one-day training for workplaces on setting up and running […]

Final Leaderboard

Here it is, the final leaderboard of the 2015 Step Count Challenge. Together we have taken 1,452,486,551 steps, an incredible 649,882 miles. That’s 27 times round the Earth, or if you were to walk at a constant pace of three miles per hour without stopping, it would take you more than 24 years to walk […]

Guest blog from Nick Kempe, Paths for All Director

A confession. I am a Director of Paths For All who started the Step Count Challenge as a sceptic. I have always taken a lot of exercise so, I was very sceptical about how a little electronic device that clicks could motivate me. Having also heard from someone who wore two devices, one on each […]

University of Edinburgh Research Project

Are you a woman participant interested in sharing your story about the Step Count Challenge? We are interested in hearing them! We are really keen to hear about your experience of the walking challenge and how it has impacted your overall health and well-being. As a student researcher undertaking an MSc Physical Activity for Health […]

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