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Meet the Walkers: Leslie

Leslie Evans, Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government, sent us a few words about her Step Count Challenge and how she manages to fit walking into her busy schedule. “I walk to and from work most days, and to meetings where I can, as I find it’s a really good opportunity to have some space […]

Meet the Walkers: Team One Step Beyond

If you have been following the leaderboard over the past month you’ll have noticed that team One Step Beyond has been top of the table since week one of the challenge. We thought it would be nice to invite them to tell us a bit about themselves and share the secret of their success. Our team […]

Autumn Step Count Challenge – Most improved teams

Alongside our leaderboard tallying the number of steps taken, we also have a leaderboard that looks at how teams have improved their steps over the course of the challenge. This provides an alternative to who’s walked the most and focusses on who’s made the biggest change to their team step count between weeks one and […]

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