It’s time to reveal our Step Count Champion. We had hundreds of nominations and as ever, it’s been a tough job picking a winner. However, we felt that our winner has shown all the hallmarks of a true champion; overcoming barriers, inspiring others and being an all round great colleague! So without further ado, we’d like to announce that the 2017 Step Count Champion is Laura Anderson of team Tramps (Energy Agency):

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Andrea Gardner nominated Laura Anderson and she said, “By her own admission, Laura’s favourite place has always been the couch. Preferably with pizza and a bottle of wine to hand :) Since recruiting The Tramps for the Step Count Challenge she has been surprised to discover her inner competitor. Now she walks to work, strides out at lunchtimes and even plans hiking weekends and holidays. Her husband’s a bit bemused by his new wife, but they’re both feeling the benefit. Lovely Laura’s an enthusiastic cheerleader for the rest of the team and keeps us all on our toes…and off the couch!”

Well done to Laura who receives a Fitbit Blaze smartwatch activity tracker.

Our runners-up are:

Pamela Hay who was nominated by her teammate Wendy Russell who said, “Pamela has been an inspiration to us in our office this year.  She had decided to get fit and lose a wee bit of weight at the end of last year and she has done that and more, and current loss is around 6 stones. But she is so inspirational to the rest of our team, and she is always sending motivating messages to us. She is a walking wonder!”

Justine Sempangi who was nominated by her colleague Jacqueline Cairney. Jacqueline said of Justine, “Justine has embraced the challenge and went above and beyond to keep our team steps high (School of Walk).  She began by walking four miles home from work, then added in an evening walk with her husband and daughter.  Justine has set her own personal targets which exceed her challenge target. She has been telling the whole office about the health benefits she has found with her new walking regime and she is going to keep this up after the challenge finishes.”

Pamela and Justine receive a £25 Schuh voucher and Scotland the Best book.