The latest Step Count Challenge finished in June, and at the end of the challenge we invited participants to tell us about their experiences. The challenge involved 4,663 participants in 963 teams, completing a total of 2,147,483,648 steps – that’s 960,843 miles, which is the equivalent of walking from Land’s End to John o’Groats 865 times!

553 participants completed the end of challenge survey to share their thoughts with us. We asked about how people benefited from taking part, and 24% of respondents replied that they had enjoyed the outdoors, and a further 24% said that they had got fitter by taking part.

One person commented “I really enjoyed walking in the woods and seeing the wildlife. It made me so competitive and to be honest I just walked constantly but loved it; roll on next year.” Another wrote “Took up the challenge to walk the Ayrshire coastal path with my daughter so really enjoying this, suppose I didn’t think walking was as good as gym classes but when you’re walking 10-16 miles a time, it is!!”.

The results of the survey also showed that 81% of respondents were physically active for more than 30 minutes between 5-7 days each week after the challenge. Many people also took the opportunity to socialise more with friends and work colleagues, and spend more time with their family. One participant said “The experience has been entirely positive. Being part of a team and having friendly competition has spurred everyone on. The weekly emails from Paths for All have been helpful in reminding us that we are part of a bigger challenge and that there are loads of benefits being felt. My only regret probably is that it is all over, but I sincerely hope to keep up the good work and continue to step more than ever.” Another person wrote “It encouraged me, my Husband and my Son to go out walking and spending time as a family”.

Taking part in the spring Step Count Challenge gave many people opportunities to spend more time enjoying the outdoors, socialising with friends and work colleagues and spending time with their families, at the same time as improving their fitness. Registration for the next Step Count Challenge, taking place this Autumn over four weeks, is now live – sign up here!