This week we hear from Cameron, who was already a step counting addict before taking part in the Step Count Challenge…

“Cameron, how many steps do you take during the day? It was something that I had never ever thought of until my Mum signed up for a step count challenge at her work. One click on the ‘Health App’’ on my phone, which I didn’t even know existed, suddenly revealed an in depth look into my step count history. Knowing how many steps you take in a day suddenly becomes addictive and it has suddenly become part of my daily routine.”

Cam Rae pic

“So when an email was circulated around the office asking if anyone was interested in signing up for a step challenge, I jumped at the opportunity. Not having a car in the city means I have to rely on either public transport or walking to get around and being from Aberdeen, where every penny is a prisoner, means that I despise forking out my hard earned cash on public transport.  So I thought signing up for a step challenge would be a no brainer.”

“I never go anywhere without my headphones and I love listening to a range of podcasts when walking and I find that my jaunt home from work always goes that bit quicker when I have a podcast to listen too. By listening to a podcast, I also find that it helps to concentrate my mind on what is being said instead of it wandering off on a tangent and a fierce debate raging in my mind about who would win between a duck sized horse and a horsed sized duck.”

“I think the Step Count Challenge is a great idea and even though I already enjoy walking it will certainly push myself to go a step further.”