This week we hear from Claire, who finds that a lunchtime walk helps her to feel refreshed and recharged for the rest of the day.

“I absolutely love walking because it completely lifts my mood. I tend to find if my head is feeling full or I am at all stressed out I will always feel better if I take some time out and go for a walk just to clear the thoughts I have going on and get a bit of fresh air. I also secretly love walking because it’s the perfect guilt-free excuse for a catch-up with my friends. Walking and chatting- perfect combo!”

Claire McCann pic

“I try to go a walk on my lunch-break every day. We’re lucky at SNS Group because we work next to Kelvingrove park so we are pretty spoiled when it comes to great views and plenty of incline for working the glutes!! I couldn’t get through the working day without a walk on my lunch. I find it so important to wake myself up mid-day and just get me re-charged and ready to go for the rest of the day.”

“I signed up for the Step Count Challenge to try and become much more conscious of the amount that I’m moving. Particularly at this time of year I think it’s so easy to get slightly lazy and the idea of staying sat at my desk is much more tempting. This challenge will help me kick that feeling and keep me motivated to move!”