The autumn Step Count Challenge has now finished!

We asked you for your thoughts on what you’ve enjoyed about the challenge, what has kept you motivated and what encourages you to go for a walk at work.

The main motivation for taking part in the challenge was that participants wanted to do more exercise and improve their fitness. A large number of people were also motivated to take part because they enjoyed walking, and a number of people were also encouraged to take part by their workplace.

The aspect of the challenge that participants enjoyed the most was challenging themselves to be more active. Many people also enjoyed feeling healthier, and competing against other teams and workplaces.

We also asked you what motivates you to go for a walk at work. Whilst it was no surprise that nice weather was a big motivator for leaving the office for a walk, it was interesting to see how many people were motivated by the chance to leave the office and de-stress.

It was also no surprise to see that the main reason people were put off going for a walk at work was bad weather!

Thank you very much to everyone who took part in the survey. We’re always keen to hear your thoughts, not only about the Step Count Challenge but also your experiences of walking at work. Get in touch with us at if you’d like to say hello.