Mary has recently started a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, researching the Step Count Challenge. Taking part in the Autumn Step Count Challenge was a really great way of getting to know people in her new workplace, and Mary also found there were other benefits too – here’s what she had to say.

“I joined a new ‘workplace’ two weeks before the challenge started.  I put ‘workplace’ in quotes because I am now a full time PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. My ‘job’ for the next three years is to find out more about how the Step Count Challenge really works for you and I’m hoping that you will enjoy sharing your Step Count stories with me.”


“For me, getting involved in a Step Count Challenge team ‘Happy Feets’ with other students and staff has meant I have quickly learned names of a few of my new colleagues (and our leader has good taste in Monday motivation music!).  I’ve also learned I can save money and get more steps by walking short journeys where I would have taken a bus. I’m also noticing nature more – even in the city.  Leaves, squirrels, rain on cobble stones all make me smile a little more.”

“So far I have had days where I have hardly stepped and days where I’ve stepped so much I have headed home for a long soak in the bath.  I’m learning lots about how active and inactive my days are and what helps me get enough activity outdoors to keep the cobwebs away and to enjoy the wee chill in winter air.”