Last Autumn’s Step Count Challenge champion, Yvonne, has written a few words about why she decided to take part and what she enjoyed about the challenge.

“Hi, my name is Yvonne.”

“November’s challenge was the 2nd our team completed. It’s a great motivation to get outside, at a time when it is very tempting to not bother…”

“It’s a great topic for discussion in the office too – “how many steps did you manage yesterday? where did you go?” etc.”

“With my office job, I find it difficult to get out during the day, so I get up an hour earlier so I can walk around our town. Sometimes on my own, but often with a friend – it is the perfect wake up to my day. It also guarantees I have kick started my count by around 6,500 steps before 7am! Some mornings it’s a challenge when it is cold, wet or snowing, but I always force myself out because I know I will feel better for it. It is wonderful for clearing the mind.”


“Since this was our 2nd year, I had pledged to beat each days’ count. I lasted for almost 2 weeks before life got in the way! Instead of giving up, I just changed the goalposts, to beat another specific day from the previous year. I almost made it! Just failed on the last day!”

“I look forward to this year’s challenge, and again I will be competing against myself to make sure I do more that the last one. Not sure what my goal will be, maybe to reach 500,000 steps. We shall see!”