One of the benefits that we have found the Step Count Challenge brings to workplaces is helping teams to bond and get to know each other. We’ve picked out some of key trends that participants in the challenge have told us about and summarised them in this blog post.

There are lots of ways to get your team walking, talking and supporting each other through the challenge. We have collated some of the practical things you can do in this blog post on keeping your team motivated including using social media and apps to stay in touch, celebrating your successes and of course choosing the perfect team name.


“It is a good way to get small teams together at work, which improved social conversations and gave us a bit of competitiveness”

The Step Count Challenge can bring staff together. It provides a topic of conversation for those informal water cooler. We regularly hear people tell us that they have spoken to someone for the first time because of the challenge. There are lots of benefits that can then filter back into the workplace including opportunities for teamwork and increased understanding of the work of other teams and colleagues.


“I have made a new friend who is now my work bestie”

Walking is a great social activity. A lunchtime walk brings people together and provides a space for informal conversations about non-work related interests and activities. There’s never an awkward silence and by making your walk part of your routine, it can lead to making lasting friendships with colleagues.


“Had fun talking about our steps at work”

The challenge can be fun. Comparing step counts, some friendly competition and tracking your team’s progress can offer opportunities to get together and celebrate your success and achievements. Having a bit of fun with colleagues can be a welcome relief when we are all under pressure to meet targets and outcomes.


“We talked about it so much at work, it’s a great way to encourage lifestyle change”

A Step Count Challenge team can provide really positive support and motivation to its members. By sharing and recognising achievements and goals met staff are encouraged to stick with the challenge and keep walking. Social media and message sharing apps can help with this too.