Our very own Stuart Douglas has written a blog post describing how his granddaughter keeps him on his toes and his step count up.

Stuart (2)

“Taking grandparent duties seriously can get in the way of the long walks that get my step count spiraling as I explore Scotland’s great outdoors in these lovely Spring weekends. I decided that my five year old granddaughter was not going to reduce my stepping this challenge season when she came visiting.

“I had a good kick-off to the day as we ran around the house endless times in a combination of tig and hide-and-seek. After breakfast it was a walk to the bus stop. The pedestrian journey was made much more interesting as we had to make sure we didn’t stand on the pavement cracks and we created a rainbow from all the colours of the spring blooms we could see. The bus took us to the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and we walked and walked round the exhibits. Stopping to play with every interactive piece a five year old could manage meant the morning passed really quickly and the steps kept counting.

“Following a packed lunch picnic, it was time to head back for the bus and the walk back home. This time we played word games to pass the time as we headed up hill. After a wee rest for everybody the sun was still shining, so it was time to get out into the back garden to chase bubbles, balls and imaginary dinosaurs. Added to all the steps counted sleep came easily too, so a win-win for everyone.

“All in all, I recorded over 13,000 steps for my day showing you can build physical activity into everyday living without it being hard work at all.”