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Archive: October 2018



Meet the Researcher: Gemma

This week, we have teamed up with Gemma Ryde from the University of Stirling, who is researching the link between physical activity, productivity and stress in the workplace. “I am a researcher from the University of Stirling who has an interest in physical activity, sedentary behaviour and employee health and wellbeing. I am interested in […]

Walk more, stress less

Being physically active is great for your mental health. There’s a 30% reduction in risk of depression and dementia for adults taking part in daily physical activity, and being active also improves self esteem, mood and sleep, and helps manage stress. We often hear great stories from people taking part in the Step Count Challenge […]

National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day  so we thought it’d be nice to post something on the subject of walking and writing. Walking is a subject that has long captured the imagination of poets and writers. Just think of Wordsworth’s wanderings in the Lake District or Virginia Woolf’s winter excursions through the streets of London in […]



Challenge Partners

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