For this year’s autumn Step Count Champion competition, we received some fantastic nominations – including Julie from team “I thought they said RUM!”. Julie’s team mates nominated her for encouraging her team throughout the challenge – she even wrote a poem to cheer everyone on!

Step count challenge has been loads of fun
Five of us competing to walk cycle and run
Arguing who’s still to put their steps in
Coz let’s face it, we all want to win

First there’s David – he’s been hitting the trails
His wife and kids think he’s went off the rails
Watch out for the puddles and branches from the trees
Not to mention your hips & joints, and your poor knees

Elaine’s the new member of the team
“Step count challenge” she thought “what can it mean?”
Getting yourself out at all times of day
Poor Teddy and Lucy being dragged all the way

Lesley’s done the challenge loads of times before
But each time she does it, steps she wants more
Often on holiday, she says “I’ll go to the bar”
“But not the one right there – the one that is far”

Judith and Murphy haven’t stopped for weeks
The poor wee dog’s saying “what about my wee sleeps”
We all suspect the Fitbit’s on his collar
Double the steps he gets for not being taller

Julie’s got no dog, so has been taking hubby
I wonder why they always end up at the pub – eh?
On her own she’s walking and running on her lunches
Mainly to make up for the huge breakfasts and brunches

All in all it’s been fun and lots of laughs
Aching legs, blisters and ten sore calves
But it did it’s job and got us all moving
Gardening, running and even hoovering

The four weeks are nearly over, we did our best
We all agree – we need a rest
For our steps, what will the winter bring
Lots of training – coz we’ll be back in Spring!


Well done Julie and team “I thought they said RUM!”