Are you thinking of joining a team for the Step Count Challenge, but not sure walking’s your cup of tea? Here’s a few ideas for keeping things fun whilst increasing your step count.


1) Think up the perfect team name

Go with a classic such as “The Walkaholics” or “Red Hot Chilli Steppers”, or put a literary twist on things with “Harry Plodder and the Philosopher’s Roam” or “The 39 Thousand Steps”. Or try and think of something more unusual than “Irrelevant Space Hyenas”. Check out our recipe for the perfect team name for more inspiration.

2) Organise a lunchtime walk

Set a day and time each week to go for a lunchtime stroll with your Step Count team – you’ll have the chance to increase your steps, get away from your desk and catch up with your work colleagues.

3) Listen to some walking tunes

Create a playlist of your favourite walking anthems, stick your headphones on and get striding! During last year’s Step Count Challenge, we asked steppers to send us their favourite walking tunes – you can listen to the playlist we created by clicking below.

4) Photos, photos, photos

Take lots of photos – they’ll remind you of places you’ve been, sights you’ve seen, and the people you’ve shared your walks with. Don’t forget to share your photos with us on Twitter and Instagram, using #StepCountChallenge, and keep an eye on your emails for details of our photo competition.

5) Explore more

Have you ever passed the entrance to a local park on your way to work, and wondered what it’s like at lunchtime? Or are you looking for a good excuse to find a different, more scenic route to walk to work? Register for the Step Count Challenge and explore your local area whilst logging your steps – click on the map below for some spring walking inspiration.