For this week’s blog post we asked Mary Allison, who is currently completing a PhD on the impact of the Step Count Challenge, to write about how working as a team can help people stay motivated throughout the challenge.

“So, it’s that time of year again, when colleagues tap us on the shoulder and ask ‘fancy joining our Step Count Challenge Team?’ The research I’m doing suggests that a bit of friendly and fun peer pressure can work wonders to encourage us to get involved. Not so friendly or sounding fearsomely competitive, then the chances are we’ll either not sign up or simply plod on until the challenge is complete, then breathe a sigh of relief that we can stop.”


“For teams that can keep the spirit of friendly competition going, they are more likely to enjoy walking together and be keen to carry it on after the challenge is complete.  Getting to know a little bit more about our colleagues also helps with team building at work.  In some of the research I’ve read, people refer to how they were able to talk to and get advice from people they met through doing a walking challenge together.  Workplaces can be busy and impersonal sometimes – it seems that walking can change that!”


“If walking has helped you make new friends and colleagues at work, I’d like to hear more about it.”

You can get involved with Mary’s research by sending her an email. If you’d like to find out more about Mary’s research, she’s also on Twitter.