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Your spring photos

For last week’s competition we asked you to send in your best spring photos, taken during the Step Count Challenge. Here’s a few of our favourites, plus the winning entry – enjoy! Ashley, from team Robbie & the Ladies that Lunge, sent in this fun team selfie… …while Marko, from team Wight Watt Walkers, captured […]

Step Count stories

It’s always nice to hear from people taking part in the Step Count Challenge, and last week we asked you to send in your Step Count stories. Here’s the top 3 winning entries: Richard Sharpe Where do you like to walk? I simply love to explore by day and by night – mountains have a […]

Your Step Count discoveries

Last week we asked you to share your Step Count discoveries with us. Whether it was a park you hadn’t explored before, an unusual mural you’d come across on your lunchtime walk, or a scenic walking commute home, we asked you to send a photo of your favourite hidden gems. Joy, from team The Mobile […]



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