During this year’s spring Step Count Challenge, the winning team, Peak Performance, recorded an amazing 8,516,218 steps in total. Richard, a member of team Peak Performance, shared with us what walking means to him, and how his team stayed motivated throughout the challenge.

Conic Hill - Copy

“Hello, my name is Richard and I am a mad keen walker. I have never driven and rarely take transport as I simply love walking everywhere. I am often up with the sun walking around local parks and treading the deserted streets as the world awakens. Walking brings such peace to my mind and my best hatched plans are always devised when out walking. It keeps a huge smile on my face come rain or shine. I adore long distance trails and walked the length of Britain a few years ago which took a little over three months and gave me so much enjoyment.”

The Whangie - Copy

“The two Step Challenges I have taken part in have been so much fun and a wonderful way of making friends with colleagues at work I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know. The team spirit and friendly inter-team competitiveness is brilliant. The banter, the planned walks, the physical and spiritual change in teammates – all so memorable.”

“The beauty is that it doesn’t all stop once the challenges end. Due to my team finding so much enjoyment on a daily basis we have chosen to carry on walking at lunch and meeting up for impromptu walks in the evening and weekends. Simply put it has changed our lives and all for the better.”

Congratulations and well done team Peak Performance, we hope to see you taking part again in the autumn Step Count Challenge.