It’s the end of the 2019 Spring Step Count Challenge

Congratulations to team Peak Performance, from Peak Scientific, who have topped this year’s leader board with an amazing 8,516,218 steps!

Congratulations to everyone who completed the 2019 spring Step Count Challenge. You can find out your team’s final position on the leader board below.

This year’s spring Step Count Champion is…

This year’s winner of the Step Count Champion title is Cheryl, from team Quads of Fury 2019. Cheryl was nominated by two of her colleagues, Diane and Rebekah.

Diane said, “Cheryl has played a key role in the Step Count Challenge on our site from the start. This is the company’s first year taking part, and the effort and momentum that Cheryl has put in to get and keep everyone involved and motivated has been fantastic. In addition to this, she has kept the whole site up to date of how the teams are doing on a regular basis – her sense of good fun, wit and competition has been great. Cheryl has achieved significant steps in her own journey and I believe has the most steps of anyone from Piramal – an amazing achievement. In the middle of all this, Cheryl managed to get her team together for the team photo which we won but it wouldn’t have happened without her efforts! I believe when we take part next year, we will see an increase in teams participating and the fun and steps will increase also. I look forward to taking part again next year, and will keep my fingers crossed that Cheryl will be my Step Count Champion!”

Rebekah said, “She has smashed her steps week on week and encouraged me even when I have found it super tough!”

Congratulations Cheryl, a worthy Step Count Champion winner!