It’s always great to hear about the different ways in which colleagues encourage each other to increase their steps during the Step Count Challenge. Last week, Lieke from Prepress Projects in Perth shared with us how her workplace kept everyone motivated.

“Hi all, I’m Lieke and I work at Prepress Projects in Perth. As most of our work is done on computers, we spend the majority of our time behind our desks. Following a suggestion from one of my colleagues, we found the Step Count Challenge and we first participated in 2018.”

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“We’ve had a lot of fun organising the Step Count Challenge and coming up with ideas to help people to walk more during and outwith working hours.”

“For the first challenge we decided to give the virtual route a try. We put up a map of Britain in the kitchen and each team decided on a route to ‘walk’ during the challenge (e.g. the North Coast 500). The team captains then updated the map every week, and it was great to see how much we’d walked cumulatively! Weekly team updates on our company intranet also helped to encourage some healthy competition.”

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“During the first Step Count Challenge, we also held some competitions, including best photo and best idea for how to walk more at work (the winning suggestion was to get up and make tea more often!)”

“During our second Step Count Challenge, we decided to post weekly challenges, and these turned out to be a great motivation! Challenges included going for a walk after dinner most evenings, switching up your commute and – my personal favourite – going out for a lunchtime walk every day.”

“I think we’ve all definitely noticed a difference in our walking habits since participating in the Step Count Challenge; we have also started working towards our Walk at Work Award. It has created a general awareness of how much (or little) we walk in a working day and that it can actually be quite easy to increase your step count every day, even if only a little!”

If you’re a regular Step Count Challenger and you’re interested in finding out more about the Walk at Work Award, check out the Walk at Work Award website.