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See Me: Walking and Mental Health in the Workplace

As Mental Health Awareness Week  draws to a close, See Me‘s Dr Patty Lozano-Casal discusses how walking can create opportunities to talk about our mental health in the workplace and signposts to some helpful See Me resources. Employers in Scotland are getting better at encouraging employees to stay active in the workplace. For example, in our office we […]

National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day  so we thought it’d be nice to post something on the subject of walking and writing. Walking is a subject that has long captured the imagination of poets and writers. Just think of Wordsworth’s wanderings in the Lake District or Virginia Woolf’s winter excursions through the streets of London in […]

Kellys’ Bespoke Step Count Challenge

Back in April a team of staff from Kellys, a print solutions provider, embarked on their very own Step Count Challenge. The team are all office based and wanted to use the challenge to motivate themselves to be a bit more active. Rachel was the highest stepper in the with 665,729 steps. Hazel who coordinated the […]

Meet the Walkers: Katie

The benefits of walking on our mental health and wellbeing is something that people taking part in the challenge talk about a lot. The qualitative study published by an MSc student back in 2016 highlighted this outcome with one person saying “…it gives you time to think about things, and it helps you to manage your […]

Meet the Walkers: Donna

Hearing about what inspires people to get out and walk is one of the best things about the Step Count Challenge. Sometimes it’s spending time with the grandkids, other times its admiring the sounds and sights of a city walk and then there are people like Donna who use walking to raise awareness and funds for causes […]



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