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Prize Draw Winners

We have carried out the grand prize draw and the winners are as follows: First prize goes to Butt Strutters from B9 Energy. Each team member wins a Fitbit Flex and pair of Superfeet insoles. The following teams win a £25 Cotswold Outdoor voucher for each member of their team: T-MOS-um Technip Blood Sisters Raigmore Hospital […]

Step Count Champion

It is always a pleasure to read through the nominations for Step Count Champion. To hear how people have embraced the challenge, made changes to routines, inspired colleagues and family to get involved, raised money for charity and worn their pedometers into the ground to increase their steps is always something we look forward to. […]

Team Captain Award

This year we have introduced the Team Captain Award. This is to acknowledge the special role Team Captains have in making the challenge happen and in keeping their team motivated. As with the Step Count Champion award we had lots of nominations which just goes to show what a good job the Team Captains are […]

Final 2014 Step Count Challenge League Table

Well folks, here we have it! The final Step Count Challenge League Table for the 2014 challenge. No surprises in the number one slot, it’s A Pace of Cake who have held on to their position at the top of the league table throughout the challenge. Well done to them and indeed all the teams that […]

Join SAMH for a Big Fit Walk

Join SAMH for a post work Big Fit Walk on Wednesday 6 August. The 7.5km route will wind its way from the SAMH offices in the Merchant City to Glasgow Green via the Clyde and its many bridges.  All are welcome and you can view the route here. If you would like to book a place […]



Challenge Partners

We have a number of partners supporting the Step Count Challenge. See how our partners can help.