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Your Team Names

One of the things I look forward to most about the Step Count Challenge is reading through the list of team names. You always excel in coming up with witty, creative and wilfully silly names. Scanning over this year’s names I picked up on a few common themes and I thought I’d share them with […]

Step Count League Table

We have produced a league table of all the teams taking part in the Step Count Challenge in the following spreadsheet. We have published the team name, workplace and team step count: Step Count Challenge League Table Please don’t get too hung up on your position in the league table, it’s just a bit of […]

Win Moon Walk places

It’s competition time! We have 5 tickets to take part in this year’s Moon Walk Scotland, courtesy of challenge partners Walk the Walk. You’ll join thousands of others on a fabulous moonlit walk around Edinburgh on the 7th June. At the same time you’ll be helping to raise money to help the fight against breast […]

Walking Meetings: Good for you and good for business

If you are looking for some ways to increase your steps during the working day, here’s an interesting article published on the Bloomberg website yesterday. Titled Zuckerberg to Obama Channel Jobs in Search for Alone Time the blog post makes the case for leaving the board room and going for a walking meeting instead. One […]

Take Part in the Step Count Challenge Research Project

We’ve been running the Step Count Challenge for a number of years now and we’re really keen to see what impact the challenge has on motivating people to walk more. We’ve teamed up with the University of Edinburgh to carry out some research into the challenge and we’d like your help. We have put together […]



Challenge Partners

We have a number of partners supporting the Step Count Challenge. See how our partners can help.