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Spread the word

To help you spread the word about the Step Count Challenge we’ve created some lovely posters. You can download them by following the links below. Feel free to share them via email or intranet, pop them into your staff newsletter or print and pin to your noticeboard. Shoe poster Traffic light poster There is also a […]

Tweak your week

Here’s another great video from Dr Mike Evans. He makes the case to ‘make our day harder’ and introduce more activity into our daily routines. It’s good to think that even little things like parking further away or sitting less can make a big difference.  It will also increase your step count! And if you haven’t already seen it, check out his […]

Step Count Challenge 2014

We’re back to get your workplace moving. And look, we’ve got a brand new website! There are a few other exciting changes to the challenge this year. You will be able to register your teams online and everyone will get a challenge profile where they can record their activity, so no more emailing us your […]



Challenge Partners

We have a number of partners supporting the Step Count Challenge. See how our partners can help.