Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland improves the quality of life for people in Scotland affected by chest, heart and stroke illness, through medical research, influencing public policy, advice and information and support in the community.

Chest Heart & Stroke and walking

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland is passionate about raising public awareness of risk factors for chest, heart and stroke illness. Increasing physical activity is one of the key lifestyle changes which can positively impact an individual’s health and reduce their risk of chest, heart and stroke illness.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland has a popular events calendar with lots of walking activities and by supporting Paths for All Step Count Challenge we can work together towards promoting a more active Scotland.

How Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland can help you

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland can put you in touch with a local advisor who will be available to offer help, support and any guidance required.

For those undertaking a fundraising element to the challenge Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland will be on hand to provide any resources needed.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s workplace Health Promotion Specialist is also available to work one-to-one with corporate supporters by providing blood pressure and lifestyle assessments or interactive workshops.

Find out more

Contact Name: Angela Spence
Telephone: 0300 1212 333