The Step Count Challenge is a walking challenge for Scottish workplaces. The aim is simple; walk more and feel the difference. Here’s how it works:

    • We run two challenges a year; an 8 week spring challenge and a 4 week autumn challenge.
    • Or, you can run your own challenge for your workplace. Contact us to find out more.
    • You enter the challenge in a team of 5 people.
    • The challenge costs £30 per team and you can register one or more teams here.
    • You get a user account where you can record your steps, message your team and track progress on our leaderboards.
    • We’ll set goals and provide regular updates and motivation to keep you and your team walking.
    • We’ll also have lots of competitions and prizes throughout the challenge.


Counting Steps

Counting steps is easy. You can use a pedometer, activity tracker or pedometer app on your smartphone.

If you and your teammates need to purchase pedometers, Be-Active Ltd specialise in supplying pedometers and activity trackers to workplaces, NHS, local government, health professionals, schools, walking groups and individuals across the UK. All products are supplied under warranty. You can find more information on their website:

Please remember to order pedometers in good time before the challenge starts.

Need more information? Have a look at our FAQs or contact us

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