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Meet the Walkers: Katie

The benefits of walking on our mental health and wellbeing is something that people taking part in the challenge talk about a lot. The qualitative study published by an MSc student back in 2016 highlighted this outcome with one person saying “…it gives you time to think about things, and it helps you to manage your […]

Meet the Walkers: Donna

Hearing about what inspires people to get out and walk is one of the best things about the Step Count Challenge. Sometimes it’s spending time with the grandkids, other times its admiring the sounds and sights of a city walk and then there are people like Donna who use walking to raise awareness and funds for causes […]

Meet the Walkers: Tracey

Captain of team Naughty People Need this Challenge, Tracey Harrison sent us this update on her Step Count Challenge and how walking is part of her everyday routine. “I have a reason to walk, in that my friend Archie needs the exercise, but then so do I. We make the most of living in the […]

Meet the Walkers: Linda

Walking in our cities and towns can offer a wealth of sights, sounds and experiences that we can often take for granted or overlook. Linda Gray from team Just Wanna Win makes the case for the joys of urban walks. “One of my instant mood lifters has always been exploring cityscapes and I love nothing […]

Meet the Walkers: Rachel

Meet Rachel, a member of team Nephronauts at NHS Ayrshire & Arran. “I like to walk, run and cycle, it keeps me fit and helps me with my mental health. I walk a few different routes around my home, preferably with my children. We find it is a distraction free time to catch up on […]



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