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Poetry in Motion

Paul Adams from Step Count regulars the Nifty Fifties sent in this splendid poem and we though we’d share it with you. Our thanks to Paul, and if the challenge has inspired your creative side let us know, send an email to or tweet @step_count

Linda’s Long Legged Lovelies

Here’s a picture from Linda Delaney of team Linda’s Long Legged Lovelies. Linda sent us this picture of teammate Peter with his trophy for most improved walker in the team. And yes, it is made of chocolate! Peter has improved his step count by an average of 5,000 steps which is fantastic. Linda said, “Peter […]

Team Updates

Week 6 of the challenge already! We’ve been sent a few photos and updates from challenge teams so we thought we’d give you a little round up. Merriol and the Ballachooligans have made it to Paris from the west coast of Scotland. They celebrated with some tea,  croissants, and oolalah! They’re now on their way to Rome […]

Team Atlantic Trail

Andrea from team Atlantic Trail has contributed the post below on her team who are based on the Isle of Tiree. They have undertaken a virtual walk around the west coast of Scotland and alongside mapping their route have also composed a team poem! Here’s what Andrea had to say: Here’s our ‘Blue Peter’ project […]



Challenge Partners

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