Paths for All launched the Step Count Challenge in 2011. Since then thousands of people have taken part in the challenge from workplaces across Scotland and taken more than 9 billion steps.

We worked with the University of Edinburgh to look at the impact the challenge has on people’s activity levels and motivation to become more active. We found that people were walking more and sitting less. You can read about our findings on our blog.

Here’s what people have had to say about the challenge:

“It definitely made me more aware of how little activity I undertook during the course of a normal office based day and I do try and I do try to find opportunities to get up and move around a bit more.”

“It was great for team building at work and getting to know your workmates while out for lunchtime walks.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this challenge, we had two teams and became very competitive and we all lost weight. It helped me to de-stress after having a hectic day at work and home.”

Here’s a short interview with Lucy Miu, our Step Count Champion, talking about her experience of the Step Count Challenge: